What Does an Automotive Mechanic Do?

This is a job that requires continuous juggling and always being on your toes. Some have to analyze problems in motor vehicle, order parts, contact the client, repair the vehicle and then be responsible for the job if it comes back. If a car does get returned, the repair job would have to be done over.

Larger automotive repair workshops do not ask their technicians to do the whole thing. They have diagnostic specialists, customer service professionals, auto parts guys and more. These workshops are fine to work for if you intend to focus in one area such as transmissions or air conditioning. You have to be able to work rapidly and accurately while being on your feet all day. You have to be computer literate. You also require being able to explain things well to others. If you always had an interest in mechanical things and were always taking things apart and putting them back, then this might be the right occupation for you.

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